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Pro Bowl 4  - Glenrothes



Work has begun on Pro Bowl Glenrothes, in Fife. The former Fraser Bowl will once again have bowling.  After closing its doors 3 years ago many feared that the bowl would never re-open, leaving Glenrothes without a much needed recreational facility.

The centre requires an extensive re-fit as much of the equipment was removed when it closed or was damaged when the building flooded whilst it lay empty.  The site has been purchased by Team Scotland, who already own 3 very successful centres across Central Scotland and are looking to this, to further enhance their portfolio and establish them as the No 1 owner / operator of independent bowling centres in Scotland. 

The Centre will undergo a major refurbishment over the next few months and when it re-opens its doors as with Team Scotland’s other centres, it will carry the Pro Bowl branding and logos.After speaking with Mr Sands from Team Scotland no firm decision has been made yet as to whether Pro Bowl Glenrothes will be leased / franchised or managed under Team control.

Work will take several months to complete but will hugely benefit the local and surrounding communities after completion, by once again providing them with a first class, very competitively priced facility, particularly as the Dundee closed over a year ago.